MageCONF 2020

Online Conference: October 24th
Contribution Day: To be announced
The largest technical Magento event worldwide


Speaking at MageCONF

Call for papers is open! Submit your presentation proposal until September 25th.

24th of October, 2020

MageCONF will host an online experience on 24.10.2020, featuring presentations from the Magento community and engaging networking experience.

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Incredible Magento content and networking with Ukrainian Magento Community

Come and experience MageCONF, and meet the incredible Magento ecosystem. Hosted by Atwix with support of Adobe team, MageCONF is the largest technical Magento event in the world.
Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the latest Magento news, join the conversation about e-commerce trends, and most importantly - network with bright Magento architects and developers as well as our experienced community members.

See how it was at MageCONF 2019

Over 600 Magento Community members gathering yearly in Kyiv, now meeting online

Speaking at MageCONF 2020

Want to speak at the MageCONF 2020? The Call For Papers is open. Apply for speaking now.

Magento Contribution Day will happen on Friday, 23rd of October

We're continuing the awesome tradition of hosting the Magento Contribution Day alongside the MageCONF conference and invite you to join us for a day of coding alongside Magento Architects and Magento Community members in our online experience. Everyone is welcome to join, but are required to register.

Opportunity to learn from the best

Contribution Day is a perfect opportunity to improve your Magento 2 coding skills by working on exciting community projects alongside Magento's Architects, Community Maintainers and your peers from the Magento Community.

It is also a great opportunity to network with both Ukrainian and International Magento ecosystem and... Why not? Simply have fun!

– Working (Up and running) Magento 2 version with develop branch, forked and pulled from GitHub
– Debugger and IDE are up to you, the Magento team uses xdebug and PHPStorm
– Active GitHub account
– Desire to make contribution and have fun

Registration is FREE.

Contribution Day Registration

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Registration is FREE

The largest technical Magento event in the world is waiting for you

Online Experience

24th of October 2020

Networking included

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MageCONF 2019 and Contribution Day will take place on September 27-28, 2019

Two days will be filled with events

Day 1  |  Friday 12, November

10am - 10:30am

Event Inaguration


Conference Introduction by Gabriel Matula

2:00 pm

Coffee Brake

4:00 pm

Coffee Brake


Meet and Greet

5:30 pm

Closing Day

Day 2  |  Saturday 13, November

10am - 10:30am


2:00 pm

Coffee Brake

2:30 pm

Meet and Greet with Speakers

4:00 pm

Coffee Brake


Questions & Answers by Luis Colbet

5:30 pm

Closing Event