Read about Contribution Day powered by MageCONF 2020
24 hours of Coding Marathon HERE.
Read a recap with results HERE. REGI

We're continuing the awesome tradition of hosting the Magento Contribution Day alongside the MageCONF conference and invite you to join us for a day of coding alongside Magento Architects and Magento Community members. Everyone is welcome to join, but are required to register.

Opportunity to learn from the best

Improve your Magento 2 coding skillsnetwork with both Ukrainian and International Magento ecosystem and... Why not? Simply have fun!

Registration is FREE.

Register for the Contribution Day

- Magento Core [by Sergey Ivashchenko] - Github repository, Slack #event-magentonf-cd-2020.
- DevDocs [by Jeff Matthews] - Github repository, Slack #devdocs.
- PhpStorm plugin [by Vitalii Boiko] - Github repository, Slack #phpstorm-plugin.
- PWA [by Lars Röttig] - Github repository, Slack #pwa.
- GraphQL [by Yaroslav Rogoza] - Github repository, Slack #graphql.

Learn more about the tracks from their moderators in VIDEO!

- Working (Up and running) Magento 2 version with 2.4-develop branch, forked and pulled from GitHub.
- Active GitHub account.
- Debugger and IDE are up to you, the Magento team uses xdebug and PHPStorm.
- Desire to make contribution and have fun.