Oleksandr Shkurko

Oleksandr Shkurko


Technical Lead at Atwix

Technical Lead at Atwix with more than 6 years in active production development of e-commerce solutions based on the Magento platform. Magento enthusiast, maintainer and open source contributor. An open-minded and communicative person with a willingness to share the vast experience with the community to move forward in delivering excellent business solutions.
Since 2019 Oleksandr started popularization of the Magento culture and technics through articles and taking part in different meetups and events as a speaker.


Efficient onboarding of the Magento project newcomers: how to make it win-win for business and a company

The e-commerce business based on the Magento platform is a complex solution delivery consists not only of the technical expertise but also from the different king of management processes. One of them is how to efficiently onboard a new team member to the project ecosystem and make this process win-win for both sides: business domain and solution provider team. Reduce stress, make the jump into the project smooth and useful for the technical aspect plus business process integration. How to boost the Magento automation from the first day in the team.

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