Jonathan Roeder

Jonathan Roeder


Principal at Adobe

My passion is to design products, write code, and build and empower world-class teams to succeed. I've built and led engineering, architecture, and product management organizations to apply innovative technology to business opportunity, while partnering with executive management, sales and marketing. I’ve successfully driven efforts through all phases of the product lifecycle, and thrive on defining product and technical vision while leading execution.

Additionally, I have extensive experience transforming a Fortune 50 eCommerce monolith into a modern, globalized service oriented platform. Through a multi-year effort, I led global development teams and built high scale search, content management, analytics, and commerce capabilities that enabled business teams to reduce reliance on I/T and better drive business objectives.

Product vision, technical strategy and execution, customer engagement, sales and marketing enablement, public speaking, agile practices, omnicloud and multi-tenant SaaS architecture, API design, extensible platform design, microservices and distributed messaging architecture, B2C and B2B omni-channel commerce, and search/information retrieval, all at global scale.


Magento’s Data-Driven Future

Let’s take a walk through the data-driven, machine learning powered future we’re building at Magento, in partnership with Adobe Research, Adobe Sensei, and the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Presentation starts at:

September 28, 2019 12:00


Track C



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