Riccardo Tempesta

Riccardo Tempesta


CTO at MageSpecialist an Adiacent Company

Born in 1979, he grew up on bread and computer science (his PC was a gift at the age of 6). Over time he became a developer with an exceptionally broad knowledge of the most disparate areas of the field. He has been with the Skeeller srl (former Idealia Group srl) since 2001 as a founder and technical director. The mainstay of the technical department for MageSpecialist, he is the senior analyst and software architect, Magento Specialist, senior PHP developer, and technical manager. 2x Magento Master.


Magento2 architectures and developing techniques for distributed teams

In this last year, most of the companies learned how great and helpful can be working from home.

We have many tools for teams and project management, but are they enough to guarantee success?

In my speech we will see developing techniques, architectures and tools that can help developing in a distributed or remote company.

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24th of October 2020

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