Roman Tsehynka

Roman Tsehynka

PWA Team Lead at GoMage

Roman is a full-stack developer with 9 years of experience with the Magento platform: building custom solutions for more than 200 projects of different sizes, authored dozens of extensions for sale as well as developed bespoke solutions upon clients request. Roman likes leading teams towards best result, on time and within budget, if the sky does not fall for the client :)
Favorite stack so far is PHP/React/GraphQL as it gives a breath of fresh air, while still allows sticking to the Magento platform.


Extending & Customizing Magento PWA Studio

At GoMage, we have developed our own Magento 2 GoMage PWA Theme, which extends and adds a lot of functionality on top of Magento PWA Studio Venia theme. As the Magento PWA Studio team was really interested in our solution and we had a demo on one of their sessions, now we would like to show the world what one can do with the PWA Studio and how it can be further extended based on custom requests from the clients, as well as show what kind of know-hows we have invented while working with PWA tech. The special place would be dedicated to the unique feature we call Page Builder (drag n drop widgets editor), as well as extending and overriding the theme. I hope that with this speech we can bring more developers' attention to what the future of headless eCommerce and PWA has to offer!

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