Serhii Deliiev

Serhii Deliiev

Project Manager at SaM Solutions Ukraine

Serhii has been working in e-commerce business domain for 5+ years, managed and launched a significant number of Magento websites. Also, he likes being an active participant of Magento Community, interested of all the latest tech trends in web and e-commerce, especially related to Magento Commerce.


Vivid experience with Magento PWA Studio: allay fears and doubts of ecommerce players about being brought to the headless future

The goal of the presentation is to broach the subject about the reasons why business rarely shows strong willingness to fresh and cutting-edge solutions. Other than that, we will discuss about which methods we, as engineers and practitioners, could utilize to persuade and instill confidence in meaningful of non-conservative approaches.

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Online Experience

24th of October 2020

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