Vadim Justus

Vadim Justus


Head of e-Commerce at TechDivision

Vadim works as “Head of e-Commerce” at TechDivision. In his role, he is included in development as well as in sales and marketing. This gives him a wide view of the challenges of a typical Magento agency and the problems merchants want to become solved.


PipelinePattern in Magento as an alternative for cron

Big e-Commerce systems have lots of background processes, which need to be coordinated to avoid deadlocks and other collisions. Usually, the solutions are using the build-in crontab logic of Magento, but there are some issues and additional complexity is required to coordinate them properly. In this talk, I want to share our experience with a pattern, which is well known to the most developers, but only inside their CI environment and not as part of the e-Commerce solution.

Presentation starts at:

September 28, 2019 12:00


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